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Welcome to Evictus!

We have a plethora of wonderful corporations that could be your new home. In the following list, some of our corporations opted to write a little more about themselves to show you why they are great! Feel free to hit up their recruiters and who knows when we will welcome to the family!

General corporations

Name Ticker Timezone Language Recruitment
CAF Industries CAF-I EU English / Afrikaans Yes
Digital Origami FOLDN AU / CN English / Cantonese Invite Only
Evian Industries EVIAN US English Yes
ExDominion EXDOM US/EU/AU English Yes
GeoCorp. GCOR. US English Yes
Grey Toxic Sword G T S Yes
Helgast Militarum HG-M Yes
I N T I P E R Yes
Imperium Technologies IT US English Yes
Infinite Choices IFCH AU English Yes
Keep-At-Range ST4Y Yes
Konrakas Forged KONF US English Yes
Machinium MAC10 EU/US English Yes
Masonic Guard STAGZ US English Yes
Obsidian Engineering ACTEE US English Referral Only
Orde van Oranje Nassau NL-BE EU Dutch / English Yes
Republic Defense Force SFEDU EU Russian / English Yes
Space Fukery SFUKY US English No
Star Nation S-NAT. English Yes
Tactical Alcohol TAAL. English Yes
UEASC Technologies UESCT EU English Yes
Vergnugen Industries VERGN US English Yes
Vigilant - Bandits VB-VB Yes
Voices of War - Research and Production VOWRA EU German Yes
Xenomine Industries XNOMN. English Yes

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