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CAF Industries

Led by John Marley and DeLaBu; CAF Industries (or CAF-I) is an South African corp turned international in the EU timezone. We love industry but we love to pvp as well. We are a social corporation first and foremost, with emphasis on being on comms and making friends and family. If you want to be in a corp that wants you to succeed in any aspect of the game and that loves teamwork and fun, then you found your new home.

Our history

Our corporation has been with Evictus since its inception back in 2016 and one of the oldest corps in Evictus. DeLaBu and John Marley was part of FOLDN in Evictus and was playing with the group before we splintered off from Paxton Industries. The purpose of the corp originally was to create a South African corp in nullsec so that we can play with people with the same culture and just make more friends. We just grew from there. We were with Evictus from the providence days, were core to the move with fellow corporations to our new home in catch when we joined Legacy, the same with both moves after that from Immensea and now in Feythabolis. We started off dominating our region of space in competition with a fellow corporation during our time in Providence.

What made us unique was that we were one of only a few South African corps out there and with the friendly culture we have, some of us even became real life friends. We strongly believe that real life comes first but in-game we have fun and provide a healthy gaming environment.

What do we offer?

  • A family to help you get to your eve goals
  • Incredibly good isk making opportunities
  • Very Active PVP community with roams, strategic ops and big ops with Legacy
  • New Player Support
  • You are more than just a number

What do we expect from you?

  • Main Language is English with quite a few Afrikaans speaking players too.
  • Minimum of 3mil Skillpoints on main character.
  • Players must have completed new player tutorials.
  • Mature, self sufficient, no drama players that like to work together to a common goal (no lone wolves).
  • PVP to full carebear style players (though everyone is expected to help with home defense and we will help and train if needed).
  • Members are expected to participate in CTAs only if they are online at that time.
  • Adhere to Evictus Legacy rules (rat/mine in our alliance’s space, etc)
  • Since comms in nullsec is important, the use of Mumble is mandatory (a mic is required).
  • Though we don’t enforce high skill caps and welcome Alphas, we don’t take “raw” new players. The area we live in need players that have some basic skills to survive in null. Some basic knowledge will be required and will be determined during the recruitment screening process.


Please join our in-game diplo channel ‘cafi-diplo’ or contact one of the following members for recruitment in-game:

  • DeLaBu
  • John Marley
  • Jacqss Mangeiri

Important: Important: CAF-I Leadership or Recruiters will NEVER solicit you for isk to join.

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