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Dark Delusions

Dark Delusions is a small, close knit corp of friends who have flown together in one place or another for many years. We recently came back together and decided to join Evictus. Although Dark Delusions has always been focused on PVP we have members who are adept at everything the game has to offer be it farming tears, mining, market trading or anything else.

Our history

Dark Delusions was formed as a lowsec, new player friendly Corp back in 2012, living in the lowsec areas of Domain, we focused on helping new players into PvP and small gang PvP was at the heart of everything we did. Over the years Dark Delusions mainly stuck to its small gang lowsec PvP roots until the member decided to go their separate ways in early 2016.

In 2018 some of the original members, having kept in touch decided to reform the corp and play together once more. After a while spent in lowsec PvP the corp decided to join the highsec PvP game and joined PIRAT where it quickly became one of the standout corps in the alliance despite only having a few members.

Early 2019 saw the corps leadership struck down with real life commitments and the corp members again chose to branch out and experience new things until the corp came back together again in August 2020 when the decision was made to join Evictus

What do we offer?

  • PvP in the form of alliance and coalition fleets as well as corp small gang PvP.
  • Members experienced in every part of the game and willing to share their knowledge.
  • A mature 18+ close knit group [except token teenager] where every member counts, We don’t have corp members, we have friends.
  • Corp buyback program on everything.
  • Mining…yes, we do mine…, ratting and other ways to make your isk and help towards getting you to a place where you can make isk if you are new.
  • Real life first culture, no member will ever be forced to play, your work and family come first.

What do we expect from you?

Dark Delusions has pretty much no expectations of you except to try to always be improving, one of the old members said to me recently that he always remembers starting out in the game and me telling him, when he was scared to lose a PvP ship, to go out and lose as many ships in PvP as he likes but always learn something from each loss and be better next time.

  • We do expect members to attend alliance CTA’s where possible, if online.
  • We do expect members to work with their corp mates and not just lurk.
  • We do expect members to at least try to join some PvP fleets every month.


Dark Delusions does not actively advertise recruitment however recruitment is never closed to the right people. If you would like to join you can send a mail in game to Thor Odin detailing your interest and why would should let you into our family or add Coffins#0717 on discord and message the same.

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