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Led by Francis Raven; ExDominion (or EXDOM) is a forward-thinking corporation focussed on playing the game at a higher level. We are a social corporation first and foremost, with emphasis on being on comms and making friends. EXDOM has historically always been one of the highest performing corporations in Evictus, being top of the killboards and fielding the most members in fleet. If you are looking at joining a corporation who always pushes its members to improve, offers help when you need it, and is an all around organized, sociable and fun bunch to be around, then look no further.

Our history

Our corporation has been with Evictus since its inception back in 2015 and as such is part of the core of Evictus. We started off dominating our region of space in competition with a fellow corporation during our time in Providence. having a fierce but friendly rivalry to become the best entity in the USTZ. After various changes in our rival, we experienced a giant growth through players that felt our style and goals aligned better with theirs.

We made name by flying expensive ships in stupid ways yet somehow pulling ahead to save the day! A healthy “content-is-content” mindset rather than a “killboard-first” culture grew and we were known for being one of the corporations that had the most relaxed, social, and fun atmosphere in the alliance.

When Evictus as an alliance decided to move from Providence and join Legacy Coalition in Catch, EXDOM was fully committed and did not lose any pilots with the transition. In fact, we forward deployed our own structures to the region first so that our alliance would have a place to dock up and call home. No hesitation; balls to the wall. As a result, Evictus came to control and dominate Catch whilst prying it from the hands of FERRA and Red Alliance; once again curbstomping the Russian menace.

Internally we stand out by being the most actively engaged corporation in PVP; with an average participation that is 200-300% higher than our peers; that is who we are. Will you help us write our next chapter?

Note: Did you know that EXDOM lost the only EVICTUS combat Titan during the legendary UALX fight?

What do we offer?

  • Members that train for their first capital can get a free carrier and skillbook after their trial period!
  • We provide free fuel to capitals and black-ops pilots to be that content driver we seek! *
  • Are you down for the count? Don't worry! We offer loaner doctrine ships for when you are in a pinch!
  • Rock solid IT infrastructure and in-game services to keep you rocking the world!
  • Life comes first. Just let us know if you pop out for a bit, no pressure! Perfect for military, parents, or otherwise busy people!

* Please keep in mind that benefits such as assets, fuel etc are subject to availability!

What do we expect from you?

Being a part of EXDOM comes with a few requirements that will be in place for our corporation. We are often seen as a core part of the organisation due to the leadership being part of the High Command and as such we uphold the following requirements. EXDOM has a 30-day Trial period which we will be looking for the following things:

  • You set an example; people look upto us for guidance and leadership.
  • You are socially engaged and online on Mumble while you are online. We're a team, not solo.
  • You will train towards and be willing to fly any doctrine ship that is required.
  • You are the first in the fray, the last one home.
  • You are classy and respectful towards others.
  • You are willing to think independently and be proactive.

If you think that you have what it takes, you best get in touch with our recruitment officers!


Please contact one of the following members for recruitment through Discord:

  • Francis Raven (Francis Raven#5027)
  • Tai Creire-Geng (Audaxus#6980)

For applications you can browse to http://www.exdominion.com/discord and chat to a recruiter in our public channel. Once you made your decision to join, you can apply in-game, but please include your discord ID in the application message. We will confirm your in-game name with you on discord if they are different.

Important: EXDOM Leadership or Recruiters will NEVER solicit you for isk to join.

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