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Digital Orgami

“Folding a space near you!”

Digital Origami [FOLDN], led by Exiom, is a founding member corporation of Evictus since 2014, believing in bringing like-minded groups and individuals together, creating a family-like alliance yet competitive at the fore-edge of EVE.

Our history

Long time Providence residents who went looking for a better home. We joined Evictus during the initial deployment to Immensea a couple years ago, and established ourselves as a reliable and cheap industrial machine for the alliance, supplying everything from bulk doctrine ships and sov upgrades up to titans and keepstars with a massive blueprint collection and self sufficient logistics.

What do we offer?

We are a non-recruiting corporation of personal friends. As such, no offers are made to prospective recruits. It is recommended to look for one of the alternate corporations to find a great home.

What do we expect from you?



Important: Space Fukery is not recruiting any new members.

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