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 ~~NOTOC~~  ~~NOTOC~~ 
 //Click here to return to the [[public:corporations|Corporations Directory]]// //Click here to return to the [[public:corporations|Corporations Directory]]//
-====== Digital Orgami =====+====== Digital Orgami ======
 <div group> <div group>
 <div column twothirds style="border: 1px;"> <div column twothirds style="border: 1px;">
-"Folding a space near you!"  +//"Folding a space near you!" // 
-Digital Origami [FOLDN], led by **[[|Exiom]]**, is a founding member corporation of Evictus since 2014believing in bringing like-minded groups and individuals together, creating a family-like alliance yet competitive at the fore-edge of EVE.+The membership of Digital Origami are almost exclusively made up of players from Hong Kong. 
 +While having said thatwe have players across different timezones and completely fluent in English and Chinese alike.
 </div> </div>
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-==== Our history ====+==== Our History ====
-Long time Providence residents who went looking for a better home.  We joined Evictus during the initial deployment to Immensea a couple years agoand established ourselves as reliable and cheap industrial machine for the alliance, supplying everything from bulk doctrine ships and sov upgrades up to titans and keepstars with a massive blueprint collection and self sufficient logistics.+Digital Origami [FOLDN]led by **[[|Exiom]]**, is founding member corporation of the Evictus alliance in 2014 together with our former comrades from Firestar Inc.
----- +Our corporation grew along with the alliance. We pride ourselves in providing heavy infrastructures, such as Player Outposts(Stations), and Keepstar Citadels, at a time where the alliance was still at it's infancy and had none.
-===== What do we offer? =====+
-We are non-recruiting corporation of personal friends. As suchno offers are made to prospective recruits. It is recommended to look for one of the alternate corporations to find a great home.+We believe in bringing like-minded groups and individuals together, creating family-like atmosphereyet being competitive at the fore-edge of EVE Online.
 ---- ----
-==== What do we expect from you? ====+==== Life with Digital Origami ====
-Non-applicable.+  * We are more than just a corporation in a game! 
 +  * We have real life events at least once a year, where we get together for dinner, drinks and more for current members and even those who have won the game! 
 +  * We expect you to be entirely self sufficient, yet we also provide all kinds of assets, ships, consumables, fuels, and logistics, FREE! 
 +  * We give back to the corp, the alliance, and we expect you do as well. 
 +  * Many of us are no longer students and some of us even have our own families now. It's okay if you are going to be busy, we understand! **__Life comes first!__** 
 ---- ----
 ==== Recruitment ==== ==== Recruitment ====
-<bootnote critical>Space Fukery is **not** recruiting any new members+Membership Requirements 
 +  * You are a citizen of Hong Kong or 
 +  * Other Nationals living in Hong Kong 
 +While we have a strict invitation only policy, please contact Exiom (exiom#0693) on Discord if you would like to join and satisfy the above requirements. 
 +<bootnote critical>Digital Origami has a strict invitation only membership policy.
 </bootnote> </bootnote>
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