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Digital Orgami

“Folding a space near you!”

The membership of Digital Origami are almost exclusively made up of players from Hong Kong.

Our History

Digital Origami [FOLDN], led by Exiom, is a founding member corporation of the Evictus alliance in 2014 together with our former comrades from Firestar Inc.

Our corporation grew along with the alliance. We pride ourselves in providing heavy infrastructures, such as Player Outposts(Stations), and Keepstar Citadels, at a time where the alliance was still at it's infancy and had none.

We believe in bringing like-minded groups and individuals together, creating a family-like atmosphere, yet being competitive at the fore-edge of EVE Online.

Life with Digital Origami

  • We are more than just a corporation in a game!
  • We have real life events at least once a year, where we get together for dinner, drinks and more for current members and even those who have won the game!
  • We expect you to be entirely self sufficient, yet we also provide all kinds of assets, ships, consumables, fuels, and logistics, FREE!
  • We give back to the corp, the alliance, and we expect you do as well.
  • Many of us are no longer students and some of us even have our own families now. It's okay if you are going to be busy, we understand! Life comes first!


Membership Requirements

  • You are citizens of Hong Kong or
  • Other Nationals living in Hong Kong

While we have a strict invitation only policy, please contact Exiom (exiom#0693) on Discord if you would like to join and satisfy the above requirements.

Important: Digital Origami has a strict invitation only membership policy.

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