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Founded in 2007 GeoCorp is currently led by Sioc Cadelanne. Primarily a PVP corp GeoCorp has a very strong Industrial backbone which allows GeoCorp to offer a lot of different play styles but as a team.

GeoCorp has a chilled atmosphere that is driven by its members getting on comms and having a good time together. Our membership base is primarily USTZ but we are looking to develop our AUTZ & EUTZ pilot numbers to maintain 24/7 coverage.

Our history

GeoCorp has been through the wars over the years from fighting Pandemic Legion in Provi with CVA to joining Evitcus in Catch. Most recently GeoCorp fought hard in WWB2 and regularly topped the alliance killboards peaking in January 2021 with over 4000 killmails.

What do we offer?

Alliance Level Services
- PVP Fleets
- Ship Replacement Program (SRP)
- Access to hundreds of Null Sec Citadels
- Dart Freighter Service

Corporation Level Services
- Regular Corp Mining Ops
- Ratting Fleets
- BPC Copy Service
- Comprehensive Buyback Program

What we expect from you
- To have a decent level of English.
- To be 18+
- To be on comms regularly.
- To be respectful to all pilots you come across.


Join “GeoCorp Rec” in game and follow the steps there or contact the following. Vane Rackhem (Vane#1121)

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