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 ===== What do we offer? ===== ===== What do we offer? =====
-Alliance Level Services +**Alliance Level Services** \\ 
-PVP Fleets +PVP Fleets \\ 
-Ship Replacement Program (SRP) +Ship Replacement Program (SRP) \\ 
-Access to hundreds of Null Sec Citadels +Access to hundreds of Null Sec Citadels \\ 
-Dart Freighter Service+Dart Freighter Service \\ 
 + \\ 
 +**Corporation Level Services** \\ 
 +- Regular Corp Mining Ops \\ 
 +- Ratting Fleets  \\ 
 +- BPC Copy Service  \\ 
 +- Comprehensive Buyback Program  \\
-Corporation Level Services +**What we expect from you** \\ 
-Regular Corp Mining Ops +To have a decent level of English. \\ 
-Ratting Fleets +To be 18+ \\ 
-BPC Copy Service  +To be on comms regularly. \\ 
-Comprehensive Buyback Program +To be respectful to all pilots you come across. \\
- +
-What we expect from you +
-To have a decent level of English. +
-To be 18+ +
-To be on comms regularly. +
-To be respectful to all pilots you come across.+
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