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ImperiaI Federation

Led by KiloAlpha; Imperial Federation or I[I-FED] is a place for these people to thrive and enjoy the game in the safe company of other such people , And where you can join in with a Multitude of Activities , From Dread Bombs , to Mining OPS , From Capital Production , To full scale Invasions of Sov space with thousands of other nerds , but our main focus as a PVE Corp is to make isk and Defend our Allies and our space in which we live !

Currently in our primetimes of early EU we have about 30 people online in chat but we are very interested in Expanding our ranks to you if you like blowing up space pixels or just want to be apart of a decent online community. ( Active 24 hours a day )

What we do!

Our chilled corp , does a bit of everything , exploration , Complexs from 6/10 to the hard but lucrative 10/10’s , but mainly we focus on making isk to spend on nice toys and making new friends.

Having fun is the aim of the game - so whether you wanna make Isk or PvP with a bunch of good people come and give us a try , we are new bro friendly so if your new we will help you see eve from a different perspective and help you grow into what you wanna be , miners who want boosted fleets also welcome . we have everything out here , join our online community.

What do we look for?

  • We ask that you are willing to start training for a capital
  • The ability to use voice coms (Mumble)
  • Being able to support yourself is a bonus but we do supply ships for corp ops (corp insured)
  • To be respectful of others as we also have more than a few a few ladies
  • Active players who want to make isk

Especially looking for Miners / Ratters and PvP players from all time zones.

Your main character must obtain 3 Fleet Attendance Participation links ( FAPs ) per month.

What we can offer you!!!

  • Very Chilled and friendly corp
  • 0.0 space with the BEST Plexs
  • Ship Replacement scheme for pvp losses
  • Isk making rich environment ( home space )
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Extremely Profitable 0.0
  • Be apart of a very efficient Alliance
  • A feeling of belonging somewhere
  • An abundance of DeD plexs to probe out and explore
  • Safe areas to PVE
  • Corp Capital fleet which is handed out free to members for ops
  • ABCM ores
  • SuperCap market
  • Fun PVP deployments
  • Pve fleets
  • Moon mining

So if you are interested and would like to become one of us … just contact me KiloAlpha Or join ImperiaI Federation channel ingame, or join our Discord 24 hours a day.

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