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Vergnugen Industries

Translation: “Pleasure Industries”; Well-established ship doctrine and heavy infrastructure providers. Exotic dancer connoisseurs.

Our history

Vergnungen has been a part of Evictus for nearly its entire history, ranging from our first move after joining from Providence into Catch to Immensea to Feythabolis and now to Esoteria. We established ourselves early on as one of the few reliable providers of affordable capital ships and infrastructure. Rigged keepstars, sotiyos, tataras, capital ships, and batches of doctrine ships became our specialties, and over time, we have consulted on large-scale alliance infrastructure projects and doctrine outfitting.

From eradicating the roach-infested systems of Catch from FERRA and Red Alliance to the historic battle of UALX to the battlefields of Delve in WWB II, Vergnugen pilots have been with Evictus every step of the way, repping our pilots from our strong logi wing and supporting capital operations with our experienced pilots.

What do we offer?

  • Roaming opportunities with experienced pilots
  • FCs who will help you learn the ropes about PVP
  • Vertical integration for industrial needs, from simple T1 ships to complex capital builds
  • Consistent opportunities to contribute to corporation goals
  • Heavy infrastructure, available to suit any producers needs
  • Access to significant isk-making opportunities

What do we expect from you?

  • English speaking, even if it is not done well, as this is our primary language
  • Must pass a background check; no exceptions
  • Home defense is a requirement if called upon; you will be removed if you do not participate
  • While you are not required to be self-sufficient, it is strongly recommended
  • Adhere to Evictus/Legacy/PIBC bylaws
  • Comms in null-sec is important; the use of Mumble is mandatory
  • We do not accept players newer than three months


Please join our in-game diplo channel ‘Vergnugen Recruiting’ or contact one of the following members for recruitment in-game:

  • Salmoneous
  • Jean-Louis Antollare
  • Ulysses Briggs

Important: VERGN Leadership or Recruiters will NEVER solicit you for isk to join.

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