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Voices of War - Research and Production

Emerging from the ruins of an older corporation solely called Voices of War, the remaining Members formed this worthy heir to its legacy in 2012. As the years went by, our members grew in numbers, as well as in experience. After years of living a pirates life in NPC Nullsec in Pure Blind and Curse, we finally found a new home within Evictus in 2016.

As a german speaking corporation, our members are coming from all around the german language area. At the same time our leadership is involved in the Austrian Eve Community (http://www.auteve.com), organizing real life meetings and similar events. The years in existence, the friends we made and the limits of the game exceeding engagement made us a grown up, solid, stable and well connected Corporation, where fun and real-life always come first.

We offer

  • Corporation Logistic Services
  • Access to lots of fully researched BPCs for manufacturing nearly everything
  • Experienced and mature playerbase
  • Freedom to basically do whatever you want, considering the given restrictions (Sov, Alliance Rules, Diplomacy, etc.)
  • Joint Activities

We expect

  • Activity (PvE & PvP)
  • Ability to keep oneself occupied in daily nullsec-life
  • Microphone and participation on comms
  • Friendly and mature appearance


Please contact one of the following members for recruitment through Discord: FranzJosef#7896

For applications you can browse to https://discord.gg/nx8wS8s and chat to a recruiter in our public channel. Once you made your decision to join, you can apply in-game, but please include your discord ID in the application message. We will confirm your in-game name with you on discord if they are different.

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