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DART Logistics

“You see an army of supply trucks arrive at Dock 4827C-5 in Jita; supplying a large freighter for deep null security rendezvous with prospective buyers. Far away, you're in need of materials and need hard, capable men to haul it down to your destination of choice while you freewheel to it in the fastest ship you can muster”

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Welcome to DART Logistics!

We are your best choice to transport assets and materials towards Legacy territories and deployment stagings. With a rapid transport table and competitive prices, you too can get your assets to our delivery hubs in a short time!

We offer the following:

  • Great competitive pricing.
  • Very comprehensive network of destinations.
  • A powerful transport calculator
  • A contract tracker for your character, giving you easy insight in your delivery.

But it doesn't stop there! If you have a special request; or a major bulk project that you need help with then we are THE group for you. Please reach out to Ethan Tivianne and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Getting Started

So you want to utilize our services to transport assets around Legacy! That's great! Let's start with some basic key information you'll need to get yourself situated.

  • Please contract your courier contract to the DART Logistics LTD corporation (DLLTD) in EVE.

  • The maximum volume for contracts is 320.000 m3. If you have larger contracts; please split them into contracts no larger than this amount; else we are unable to move it for you.

Please do keep in mind that this is a game and as such pilots also have real life obligations. It may occur that due to the amount of contracts or other causes the shipment may be delayed. Please give the team time to move your contract safely.

Warning: Please be aware to NEVER use shipping containers for transport. Repeated misuse will result in a permanent ban from DART Logistics. If you do need this facility please reach out first before making a contract of this type.


Please use our in-game channel for questions: “Evictus Logistics”.
If you can not get an answer here; your first point of contact should be Ethan Tivianne.

Role Name Timezone
Transport Director - Corran Cornelious EU
Transport Manager - Ethan Tivianne EU

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