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Welcome to the Evictus Embassy. This page serves as a quick directory for all (diplomatic) contacts that are available to players outside Evictus. Please ensure that you contact one of our regular diplomats first rather than directly contacting executors or directors.

Alliance Leadership

Role Name Timezone
Executor - Francis Raven US
Vice Executor - Commrade Yuri US

Primary Contacts

Role Name Timezone
Director of Diplomacy - Corran Cornelious EU
Vice Director of Diplomacy - Exiom AU
Diplomat - SkyMikerJedi US
Diplomat - Tigris Liono AU/EU
Diplomat - Exphexis EU
Diplomat - redrainofdeath Ronuken Late EU/US
Diplomat - Mom Loves You EU/US
Diplomat - Thys AU/US

Alliance Recruitment

All of our diplomats are available to be reached if prospective corporations wish to join Evictus.

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