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Welcome to Evictus!

Please allow me to welcome you Evictus! It is wonderful to have you on board and we look forward to the great things you will achieve in the future! We're here to help you do just that and this guide will get you ready to jump into the game with us and kick ass!

Great news! Now that you're a member, you have access to our wonderful list of tools that help you arrive in your new home safely. This is important, because hostile players lurk outside of our own space to try and catch unsuspecting pilots!

We are currently living out of JO-32L in Feythabolis, which is one of the safest areas in EVE Online when it comes to both PVE and PVP combat!

Basic Guidelines & Safety Rules

We want you to be safe while you live in our space and we want to be able to defend you as much as possible. This does mean that there will be some basic guidelines and rules to keep in mind while you are undocked; just so that we can maximize your survival in space!

  • We require people to be active on Evictus Mumble while undocked for your own safety.
  • Always join the standing fleet before you undock from any structure.
  • Please keep your information clear and concise while in combat.
  • Avoid SV5-8N and HED-GP while you travel unless you want to die.
  • Pay close attention to intel channels that are available, so that you are warned ahead of time.

Note: Please read the Evictus Handbook after you finish setting up your tools as it contains important information on the way we operate and what we expect from you as a member.

Required Tools & Services

As a part of your new life in null-security space, you will need to have a few tools ready to rumble. We use these tools for quick communication or for content generation in many different ways. But don't worry, we will run you through all the steps to get ready!

Mandatory Tools

Some of you may wonder why we start off with these steps rather than telling you what to fly or where to be. The reason is quite simple, really. By setting up your communication tools, you can immediately participate in the fleet or ask for help when you have questions. Doing this first grants you a great advantage while preparing to move into our space!

Evictus Auth Discord Mumble
At the core of our IT systems you will find the Auth-tool. You will need to set this up in order to be able to access all other tools and groups in Evictus Discord is a crucial tool in our ability to communicate with fellow members. It allows us to share intel, alert eachother of hostiles and form content through mutual interest Thirdly, your primary tool of communication while you play EVE is Mumble. We use this for voice communication and it is required to have open and active whenever you are in space
Please click here to set up your tools

Once you've set the tools up by following the guide you are all ready to be part of Evictus.

But! We are not done yet. We work with a great number of people within the Legacy coalition and that means that you also need to set up the tools that these groups use. Please make sure that you sign up for coalition tools listed too.

Mandatory Chat Channels

A lot of our information is shared through intelligence channels. These are chat channels where players can post and maintain a list of people that are around our space. In order for you to be prepared and aware of potential risks, please join the following channels inside EVE.

  • Intel.Feythabolis
  • Intel Legacy
  • Int.Catch
  • Mango.Omist (These players speak Chinese and border our space)

Please keep in mind that a lot of intel tools read these channels and will report what is being said. Do not start discussions in these channels or do things unrelated to gathering of intel as that may result in you losing access permanently.

Warning: Please spend some time reading intel guidelines.

Our alliance and the Legacy coalition offer a great amount of useful tools for you to be able to travel through our space and occupy it safely. We highly recommend actively using the following tools while being a member of our alliance.

  • The Evictus Navigation Planner is a travel & routing tool that allows you to set a destination and it will automatically calculate your route by using jumpbridges and gates. On our travel hub we have a link to common destinations for you to use rapidly!
  • Sentinel is a tool that aggregates all intel reports around Legacy space and visually shows them on the map. You can also get audio alerts if enemies are closing in. Very useful for intel!
  • dscan.info is very important when you want to share intel with people. You can copy your d-scan or local player list into this tool and share it through a link for the FC.

Please be aware that there are many great tools available to us for different purposes, and that we hope that you use them to their full potential. For more useful tools, we set up a dedicated tools hub where you can check them out!

Important: Notice: Please do not use adashboard to report intel. It will not be accepted due to security threats and allegations that our enemies use it to farm IP-addresses to abuse later on.

Moving into our space

Your new home awaits in Feythabolis! That means you may need to move a lot of assets to get situated; we know the pain of doing that alone. Instead, we offer you something better. We have an overview of all the important information, supported by a robust and active transport department. If you need anything moved down; we got the ability to do that.

But, to give you a heads up right away, you'll find a summary below of what you can expect!

Building Items

Our alliance has a large amount of active industrialists that would be more than glad to help you out with the production of your items. You can quickly find someone to build things for you by using the #industry channel on our Alliance Discord.

Note: We are currently working on a comprehensive portal for our industry department. Please stay tuned.

Moving my assets

We have an amazing service that will help you move your assets and valuables to our space at complete safety! These heroes fly courier contracts from Jita to our home in order to provide you with the items you want to haul in against reasonably competitive pricing! All contracts for our jump freight service are at a maximum of 320.000 m3 of total mass.

We currently serve the following primary stations:

  • Highsec: Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
  • Nullsec: JO-32L - Better Kept Secret (Bailiffs)

In addition to this route, we often serve other routes within Legacy space and during operations. On our transport page you will find all routes; costs and information you need to get assets moved.

Moving my character

You have quite a trek ahead, but with some good navigation and the right tools, you too can get to your new home in a little bit of time. Let's make that easy for you!

For travel among long-distance we often recommend players to use our navigation tool we provided to reach JO-32L in Feythabolis. This is a tool that allows you to log into the tool with your EVE character and then plot a course directly into the game for you to head where you want to go. It will automatically take jump bridges into account, though it may be that these are out of fuel sometimes so be aware.

We strongly recommend that you move your assets with our transport service first, before you take a cheap frigate to move down to our space. This is done in the safest way by using a travel interceptor.

You can easily set your destination to our home by using this navigation tool we provided and login using your EVE character.


As an alliance we are primarily flying shield-based doctrines to defend our home, which is possible through various ship classes and doctrines. It is our goal to enable every player to fly our primary doctrines effectively in one ship, so that we can protect our friends and cast out anyone threatening us.

What do I move down?

We are aware that you may not be able to fly our doctrines right from the start. And you know what? That is perfectly okay! But in order to get you started, we would like to recommend you a few ships to bring along if you can fly them.

  • A scanning frigate
  • A mining barge or PVE cruiser/battlecruiser
  • A salvaging ship
  • A T1 frigate from our EWAR section of the support ships

While a single ship will do fine for a little, it is even better if you bring multiple of the cheaper frigates to make sure you can contribute even if you lose the ship.

What to train?

We understand that you may not be able to fly all of them and that is fine! We don't expect perfection, but we do expect our members to work towards our doctrines. That is why we would love to help you improve and guide you to become amazing with anything you like to do within Evictus!

To help you get started, we have a military hub with all the information you may need on doctrines. If you want to learn to become a better pilot, you can also visit our training hub to learn and improve! See the sidebar for more information!

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