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This article is dedicated to the settings of all our primary tools used within Evictus and Legacy Coalition. If you want to find other tools and utilities, please visit our tools hub.

After you finish this guide, please contact your own corporation's leadership or recruitment officer to see if they have any additional things they may need you to set up.

1. Creating your auth account

In order for you to be able to connect to our other services, you must create an account on our authentication tool. This allows us to connect your EVE Account to multiple systems and manage your login's for those systems. You can not complete any of the following steps if you do not have an authentication account.

  • Visit https://auth.evictus.space/ to login with the primary account that you have within the alliance.
  • Please verify your e-mail during these steps to ensure that the registration is complete.

After you finished all the required steps, you should see the following page:

On this page you have a few key options to keep in mind. We will list them for you below.

  • Dashboard - This is the first page you see in the picture above and shows basic information.
  • Groups - We have multiple interest groups that can access additional services. You can apply and manage your groups here.
  • Services - This page enables you to activate other tools such as Mumble, Discord and our Forums.
  • Fleet Activity Tracking - After most fleets you can acquire “FAT” links. These measure when you joined a fleet and sometimes can lead to raffles!
  • Ship Replacement - This functionality is currently deactive. Please use our reimbursement forum.

2. Configuring your Mumble

One of our most important tools is Mumble. It allows us to coordinate our fleets and generally serves as our social hub for players that are online. Each member is required to active be on Mumble whenever they are out in space.

2.1 Creating and logging into your Mumble account

Before we dive into the various settings that you will need to prepare, we need to install Mumble first. Please download the latest version from the official website at: https://www.mumble.info/.

Once you finished this, please head on over to the auth tool we set up in the previous step and head on to the services page on the authentication tool. On your first try it will look much like this image below:

When you press the yellow button next to Mumble, it will automatically generate an account for you with the appropriate password and username. Please make sure you have the password ready and on hand. Once you created a new password and account, it is time to log into Mumble!

2.2 Login to Mumble

You can easily log into Mumble by pressing on the green arrow next to Mumble in the services page. This will open your Mumble and automatically sign up to our server.

You will be asked to fill in your password and once that is done, you've entered our awesome Mumble! Please do not forget to save the server to your Mumble. You can do this by:

  • In the Mumble Menu, select “Server” and then “Connect”.
  • Click “Add New”. It should automatically fill in the details.
  • Give it a good label and save it.

You are now able to use our Mumble!

2.3 Hotkeys & Settings

Mumble is fantastic because it allows us to split multiple channels under a parent channel. This gives our members in different roles the opportunity to discuss things amongst their role while the FC only hears the actual relevant information from our members.

To enable this feature correctly, we will need to make some changes in your shortcuts. By default, your Mumble will use the “red lips” mode, which means that you will shout to everyone in the channels that are directly connected to the parent channel. This means that, when you want to chat with your own corporation, the entire alliance can enjoy how you talk about last Sunday's BBQ. Tasty, but not really the goal.

So how do we change this?

  • First, head on over to Configure and then Settings.
  • Browse to the option called Shortcuts.
  • On the bottom of the window click Add. This will add a new shortcut that shows up as unassigned.
  • Click the word Unassigned and scroll down in the menu to select Whisper/Shout.
  • After this, click on the empty space in the Data column. Select the option menu, represented by three dots.
  • A new window opens. Select the option Shout to Channel and then in the scrollable window select Current
  • Save your new hotkey and assign a good key.

This whisper key will only broadcast to the channel that you are in, represented by blue lips on Mumble. Please use this as your primary key to talk.

Some of our members prefer a visual guide, so I included a GIF below that elaborates everything for you as well.

3. Discord

Aside of Mumble, we actively use Discord. This tool is designed to allow us to receive alerts whenever we are not online (or not paying attention) as well as communicate over text. Many of our important announcements and intel will be placed on Discord; as such we expect you to have it active when you are online.

In order to get started you follow these steps:

  • Head on over to https://discordapp.com/ and download their PC client.
  • After that, register for an account at https://discordapp.com/register.
  • Once you finish these steps, please head to your Auth tool and select Services
  • Click on the yellow arrow and follow the steps to join the Evictus Discord.

Please keep in mind that it is highly recommended to install Discord on your phone for alerts as well

Special Note about Discord: There is a lot of chatter on discord. Please feel free to mute all channels other than the the ones listed under broadcasts.

Note: You can check our Tools page to set up connections to the systems of our allies.

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